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Patient Letters

The following letter was written by an appreciative patient who was told by her doctor that she should wear support stockings for life instead of seeking treatment.

Dear Doctor Happel,

I am writing to thank you for the great result I got after you treated my varicose veins. My mother had undergone the stripping operation many years ago. Her veins came back many times leaving her with scars and horrible stories of the painful surgeries and recoveries. Finally she gave up and suffered with them until the day she died.

At first, I was told by my family physician that I should just wear support stockings and live with them. In the summer this was impossible and my veins just got worse and worse. That’s when I heard about your vein center from my friend.

She mentioned that your vein center was one of the first offices in the country to become accredited which made me feel even better after she told me about her experience. After the consultation, I felt very comfortable since you personally explained everything that I needed to know and were very patient with all my questions.

After the laser, my pain and ache were gone immediately. What a relief to be able to work and stand without the throbbing and heaviness that I suffered with for so many years. It’s also great wearing shorts again and not feeling embarrassed at the pool.